Essay about Case Management Of A Patient With Chronic Pain Patients

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Case management consist of different disciplines in the care of a patient. I have interviewed a case management RN who works with the patient. I also interviewed another person only to have a different prospective of delivering care to a chronic pain patient during surgery. The other interviewee is an anesthesiologist that works at my ambulatory surgical center facility. Therefore, I have 2 people’s point of view of caring for a patient with chronic pain. One on a day to day basis and then another on the day of surgery.
The case management professional, I interviewed was N. Ledbetter, RN, BSN. She is a case manager for surgical inpatient Medicare patients at an acute hospital in Maine. N. Ledbetter has been a nurse for 16 years. She has been at the job for just over 1 year. She works with several other case managers in the department. The interview was conducted by phone. (N.Ledbetter, “personal communication”, October 17 & 18, 2016).
Question #1- How are patients assigned to the Care Managers? The patients are assigned by units in the hospital. Discharge planners and utilization review are also involved with the patient.
Question #2- How do you prepare for the patients? We use a system called EPIC and review the patient’s data. From the data I then prioritize based on admission hours/days. We also use another system for care management called MIDAS.
Question #3- How often do you see the patients while in the hospital setting? It depends on the needs of the patient. More…

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