Case Incident 2 Professional Sports: Rewarding and Punishing the Same Behavior?

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1. What type of reinforcement schedule is random drug testing represent? Is this type of schedule typically effective or ineffective?

The type of reinforcement schedules that random drug testing represent is the variable interval type. As defined, this type of schedule occurs when a response is rewarded after an unpredictable amount of time has passed. In the case, the reinforcement schedule is done randomly and unexpected. It is typically effective because athletes not aware of the test and when these tests will be taken place. Therefore, athletes are unprepared. Unlike a fixed variable reinforcement schedule, athletes have a fixed time of when the tests will be scheduled so they can prepare and make sure their systems are clean
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If I was the commissioner of baseball, the steps that I would take to try to reduce the use of steroids in baseball are just very basic and simple. First, I would reinforce all athletes that if they were caught using steroids, they will be automatically kicked off the team for the whole season. For the second step, I would still continue random drug testing to catch those who are still using and are not afraid of the consequence. For me, punishment is not likely to be the most effective deterrent. Because the punishment will only cause athletes to stop playing and stop using or taking steroids for a certain period of time like the whole season if they were caught. Still, it will not teach them that they should not use steroids again.

4. Is it ever okay to allow potentially unethical behaviors, which on the surface may benefit organizations to persist? Why or why not?

For me, it is not ever okay to allow potentially unethical behaviors, which on the surface may benefit organizations to persist. It is not okay with me because if a baseball player is taking steroids, doing exceptionally well on the team and at the same time the team is aware he is taking steroids, they should ban that player from the team even though the team will not do well without him. It is the right thing to do for both the team and to him. The player is not only causing harm to the team but is also causing even more harm to himself. It will probably be publicized and it will give the fans a

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