Business Ethics Case Study: Time Theft

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1. The following video, which contain scenes from the TV show the office, displayed unethical behavior. To categorize, the first segment called “Time Theft”, displayed one worker talking about how much time he wasted at work watching YouTube. According to the types of workplace deviances, this would be called production deviance. Production Deviance is when a person perform unethical behavior that hurts the quality of work. Wasting company time (since you are being paid by the company, doing something non-related is wasting company time) is what that guy was doing in “Time Theft”. The second segment is “Conflict of Interest”, this segment depicts a visiting worker from a different branch observing another company branch. Through the clip, …show more content…
Let say, my temp agency had a lot of political deviances. People were giving out more desirable jobs to people that they knew instead of solely basing it on merit. My new code of ethics would be based more on the human relation than the production of the company itself. To clarify, my new code of ethics would try to stop favoritism at its core. It would involve minimum contact will other coworkers and a promise that there should be no relation to people looking for work and the people giving out the temporary …show more content…
Hiring honest and ethical employees would be easier for the human resources department. First I would ask the applicants to take an Overt and Personality-based based integrity tests to help me or H.R. to weed out the less desirable applicants. Also, the applicant will be closely interviewed, he/she will be asked many questions on his/her background, and reactions to controversial questions. Lastly, the accepted applicants will have a mock scenario to see if they are ethical and honest.

5. After the needed reforms are in place, the next big step is to promote a more ethical climate to prevent more unethical behavior. The biggest concern that people have is whistleblowing, I would make sure that whistleblowing is socially acceptable and help the whistleblower in case of retaliation. Another thing to make sure that people that violate the rules are dealt swiftly and effectively. Lastly, the best way to improve an ethical climate is to make sure the employee’s morale is high because, the higher the morale the less of a chance a person will commit unethical

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