Case Analysis : Paradise Asphalt Essay

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This policy has been prepared as an orientation on what is expected of you in the operation and maintenance of your company vehicle. PARADISE ASPHALT will provide you with safe, dependable transportation. In turn, you are entrusted to use good judgment and have a complete understanding of the responsibilities involved, both of which are necessary to continue to drive a company provided vehicle on company business. Any driver of a company vehicle (or driving on company business in any manner) must meet the following requirements: ■ Possess a valid driver’s license
■ Maintain an acceptable driving record per company policy ■ Follow the guidelines stated in this policy at all times

You have been provided a company vehicle primarily to assist you in your job. Loaning the vehicle to friends, neighbors, relatives or anyone else is in violation of company policy. From time to time, you may have a need to carry business associates; however, transporting strangers or hitchhikers is a violation of company policy.
Only Paradise Employees Can Drive Company Vehicles!
You are expected to keep your vehicle in a clean, well-maintained condition. TIRE CARE AND REPLACEMENT Tire mileage is directly proportional to driver techniques, alignment, tire pressure and wheel balance. All of these factors are under your control. Tire pressures must be checked regularly (and kept at a PSI level as designated in the vehicle manual or as designated on the inside…

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