Case Analysis Of Snapchat

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users are 13-24 year-olds, making the Live Story a perfect place to put their content in times of distress. In both of the events, the “Breaking News” feed was not done by any news source, but instead all of the content was shot by users on the platform to create genuine and heartfelt news, something we do not see everyday.
As Snap Inc. continues to work expanding and growing its empire, other companies are weighing in on why they should become part of the platform. For many companies, the choice was simple, but others have been more hesitant because it could take away from their main application. The main reason why companies are eager to join Snapchat is to create brand awareness. Once on the platform, Snapchat is able to build a new base of exposure for companies that join the application. Each company on the platform are able to communicate their own values through Snapchat’s storytelling feature on Discover. Discover is innovative in the way that it allows companies to provide its audience with personal content that conveys tutorials, tips, news, and product
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will go from its current position in the media. When deciding who Snap Inc. will hire to be a part of their direct team, it has been released that, “candidates should be ‘creative storytellers’ who have a passion for news and politics, and be ‘advocates for free expression’ who aren’t easily offended” (Ingram,1). Although Spiegel makes all executive decisions, there is a large team behind him to allow the company to thrive. As for journalism, Snapchat has news sources at their disposal. This is because most news sources need the Snapchat audience to stay relevant, while Spiegel decides who stays on the app. If a company is unable to keep up with Snapchat 's demands or the work becomes to time consuming, the company could decide to pull their content from the platform. Snapchat’s journalistic plans could go off the rails in any number of

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