Case Analysis Of Pepsico

Overview of the department
The process of marketing is in which the organization promote, create, and deliver the product (goods or services) to fulfill consumer needs and wants. Selling goods and services that has been produced is a traditional concept of marketing. If an organization wants to sell a product, then it must encourage the customer to buy it. To encourage the customer to buy the organization’s products or services, it must market their product by using advertisements, promotions, and sales.
PepsiCo is a huge company that is operating in more than 200 countries in the world and it has more than 100 years of experience in Beverages food industries. For more than 50 years, there is a huge competition between Pepsi and Coca-Cola. The
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Pepsi have different sizes of bottles and they price them according to the quantity. The Tropicana drink, which is offered by PepsiCo Company, has a little bit high price than any other soft drinks because they are targeting the healthy people. Lipton also is a product which also made to target specific customers. Other Products like Chips are priced according the quantity bought.
• Place: There are more than 200 countries that Pepsi and its products are available in. Places in which there are specific customers are the places where the products are bought. As we said, drinks like Lipton and Tropicana is targeting specific kinds of customers and in specific places.
• Promotion: Pepsi mainly target many important things that people care about. Promoting in things like using famous movies or football stars in doing an advertisement powers the company, and also like making advertisement in Cup football matches or any sport makes them much stronger. Other products like Tropicana or Lipton are promoted in a way that gather and attract healthy customers to buy. These review Pepsi’s marketing
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Marketing department and human resources department are not very different like everybody see. If an organization wants to let consumers interested in their product or if the organization want the labor force of them, then it must locate itself in a proper way through advertisements, offers, and pricing to increase the demand to them whether if it was the demand on the product or on employment. Having a great reputation and strong mission and vision for a company is very important point. Because having these elements grabs the people’s attention for the company and increases the demand on it. (Reinhart, n.d.) Second, the relationship between marketing and accounting and finance. The marketing department is in a great need for the accounting department, to manage trends in the business and deal with the productivity of offers promotions started by the marketing organization. All the organizations must look at their financial results to make a right decision about their marketing system. (Bowlin, n.d.) Third, the relationship between marketing and purchasing. Companies need the suppliers to be in the market. Their business works by purchasing products from the suppliers and then selling it to the customers. That is why the suppliers are very important to sellers of the market and that is the relationship between marketing and purchasing. (Miltiadous, 2014) Fourth, the relationship between marketing and customer

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