Employment Sex Discrimination Paper

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Analysis about employment sex discrimination
Hao Jing
EPS: 6604
Oct 4, 2017

This case study describes employment sex discrimination situation in the Walmart. This paper discusses why women are less likely to get promotion opportunities when they are doing the same job performance as men and come with some ideas to protect women rights.

Statements Compared with the male employees, evidence shows the female employees have different treatment in the Walmart.
• Women filled only one-third of salaried managerial positions during the 1996-2001 period with 56.5 percent in average among Walmart’s 20 main competitors.
• The female employees need more time to get the promotion opportunities than male in Walmart.
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An important theory in organizational behavior is people prefer the same as you. The real thing happened in 1973 in the United States, a woman worked at an energy company for many years, demand a promotion to the head of the International Affairs Department but was rejected. The employer's reason is that foreign customers such as Latin America will feel uncomfortable with women for business. The Principle of fairness plays an important role in this issue. The basic beliefs which shown in the Walmart’s web are the company is “respect for the individual” and the Walmart “act with the highest level of integrity by being honest, fair and objective (Walton). In respect of the basic beliefs, the Walmart need to establish some effective ways and make sure female have equal improvement treatments with the male. Discrimination is usually systematic and even also unconscious (Justice and inclusion). Methods can be used to against sex discrimination include but not limit to mandatory increase the proportion of female managers, change the manager's assessment policy and give an open way to their employees to report sex …show more content…
People tend to look at men and women in different ways. Men are usually considered to exist in a group as an independent individual, but the existence of women relate to the relationship. If a man is in a higher position in the company, people usually think that the man has the initiative and all of the achievement form his own effort. However, if the same situation occurs in a woman, especially young and beautiful women, people will inevitably think of the relationship between female staff and her employer. Female CEO in the United States only accounted for 4.2% of the top 500 (Zarya, 2016) and the proportion of women in Wal-Mart's management positions is much lower than his competitors. In purpose to solve the problem, the compromise from female employee, company, and government is necessary. The government legislation laws to protect female employee’s rights and give subsidies to company assure their interests. Employers respect the difference between female and male. Female have to become more independent and play a more important role for the whole

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