Case Analysis Job Enrichment Of His Department Essay

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Case Analysis Job Enrichment of HIS Department By Shahir A Aslam

1. The principles of goal setting are applied in this case study to achieve the implementation of new roles with the current jobs. Clear and concise goals are set to implement the new roles into the HIS department. This is explained in the step-by step approach in the case study of Elizabeth Layman, the website, states that,

“Many new roles and, correspondingly, functions, are coming into HIS Departments. Managers and directors need to integrate these roles and functions into the work of their departments. The step-by-step approach summarizes the key points in realigning work and integrating these new roles to meet departmental goals.
1. Detect, monitor, and collect data related to indictors of change that have the potential to affect the sector, organization, or department.
2. Enlist superiors, human resource staff, and employees on the potential for redesign.
3. Secure additional data, decide the extent of the realignment, determine the objective measures of achievement, and initiate plans for redesign.
4. Identify potential barriers to redesign, devise solutions and contingency plans, and obtain clearance for issues related to human resources.
5. Get feedback from superiors, human resource staff, and employees. If positive, implement realignment.
6. Note effect of redesign and notice contributors to success and celebrate both with public recognition.”…

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