Case Analysis : ' Jerk And A Liar ' And ' Dr. Peters '

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With Sam and Dr. Peters, it was an incident that could have been avoided altogether if the two men communicated better and cleared up information when they bumped into each for that brief moment in the market. As Sam came to seek an analysis on the recent business transaction it is best to look at all events that had partaken and move in from there.

When it comes to Sam and Dr. Peters they both, in terms, can deal with civil or criminal capacity. For Sam, he can be liable in both civil and criminal. For civil it is due to the Libel, “the spreading of damaging statements in written form, including pictures, cartoons, and effigies” (Liuzzo, 2016, p. 52). That is because he had written the later that was published in the newspaper calling Dr. Peter a “Jerk and a liar”. For criminal it is because of the Sam broke in Dr. Peters Dental office committing a burglary, because he was illegally entering with purpose to committing a crime (Liuzzo, 2016, p. 52), which can also be charged as a felony, which is a crime punishable by imprisonment in federal or state for a year or more (Liuzzo, 2016, p.52). Now for Dr. Peters he can be liable for civil capacity because of the pretense of the verbal contract that was discussed on November 2.

Since a verbal contract was created Dr. Peter would be a defendant if Sam decided to put him through a civil trial. If this becomes a bench trial, where only a judge is involved, Dr. Peter may win because those it was a verbal contract it

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