Essay about Case Analysis : Blue Bell

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Final Writing Assignment
1. No, I’m not a consumer of Blue Bell, I have always preferred Ben & Jerry’s or Baskin Robins instead because I grew up in Dubai and I was most familiar with those ice cream companies. It didn’t necessarily affect my consumption, but I actively tried to prevent my friends and roommates from buying it after the Listeria recall news spread.
2. The coverage that Blue Bell is receiving so far seems to be all negative, it doesn’t help that they recently made another recall. Even though the recall was about a packaging mistake as per statements, it basically brought back a lot of skepticism for the company. In a google search about Blue Bell, you start getting hints of favorable news about Blue Bell returning to stores after about 3 pages. This issue has been ongoing since 2010, the coverage ranges from Department of Justice investigations, to multiple recalls, to continuing production in the infected plant, to the misprinted labels etc.
3. If I was an employee at Blue Bell who was aware about the situation, I would’ve contacted my seniors and if there was no action taken, I would’ve tried to reach their seniors. However, if the company still didn’t take responsibility and bring forward the issue, then I wouldn’t have gone to the media, but I would’ve definitely gone to the Food and Drug Administration because that is the right thing to do when it comes to a matter of life and death. Moreover, I don’t think it is okay for employees to talk to the media…

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