Casablanc Romantic Films Of All Time Essay

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Romantic love in Casablanca

The film Casablanca is noted to be one of the most romantic films of all time. It inspires many and is held near and dear to our hearts. Casablanca continues to hold that place in history today. The art of romance is hidden amongst the film and shows us what a true classic love story is all about.

The film Casablanca was released on November 26th, 1942 in the United States. It set a new benchmark for what we consider to be romance in film making. The romance in Casablanca is powerful and it sends a message to everyone saying “this is what true romance is”. Casablanca is able to inspire the romantic side of everyone while also being very minimalist about it. We all want to feel loved and needed by someone, that feeling of self-worth. Romance plays a big part in our lives and we all have a different picture painted in our minds about what it should be like. The film doesn 't tell us what to do or how to be romantic, but it does provide a perfect starting point. Romance is defined as the feeling of mystery or excitement towards something or someone. There are incredible amount of ways to display it but, we as humans naturally are drawn towards mystery and excitement. It drives us to find out what 's next and to look forward and welcome new things.

Romance is a huge part of our culture, even today it’s still considered the highest form of success in life. In France romance is huge, growing up we are taught that France is the most romantic…

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