Carthage And The Roman Empire

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When it comes to military invincibility and wealth--Carthage can be almost equal to the distinguish power in the Mediterranean, the Roman Empire. By land, Rome known for its military might whereas Carthage by its naval power. The reputation of the Carthaginians further intensified when Hannibal came to power in Carthage. When Rome successfully captured Italy, its supremacy was unshakable. On other hand, in northern coast of Africa, a great city of Carthage had imposed its dominion in both trade and military. In her status, I can say, that it has the capability even to wage war to a super power empire like Rome.

Carthage source of her imperium was its dominance in trade business. It successfully regulated most of her trading colonies in
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Carthage had superior naval forces while Rome had an effectual--by land--military forces. When it comes to leadership Carthage has possessed leaders with great intellect and knowledgeable in various military tactics and maneuver-- who has the ability to change the future of war--if not. Rome in contrast, had military leaders and soldiers devoted to her and to the whole empire. In addition, Roman leaders were motivated to achieve the desired result for the entire empire, through their incomparable allegiance (Morey, 1901). During the Second Punic War, we had learned that during the time when Rome was about to falter, after it was badly destroyed by Carthage, its leaders continue to press forward through the help of its faithful citizens and allies, they never gave-up. They fought with their enemy through their mental strength, courage despite with all the carnage among its military and abomination did Hannibal, and its soldiers have brought about in major cities and towns of …show more content…
However, Rome was second to none in terms of strength and loyalty of its people as well as the vastness of territories and number of allies. Moreover, in terms of wealth, Rome was only next to Carthage. However, nothing can compare to a nation, which has comprised with solid and unified people. In addition, the unparalleled political system of Rome was its major strength that made her distinct from other empires. In short, no matter how wealthy the Carthage was, still it cannot surpass the power of its rival. Rome was the super power in her own right, and was looked-up by many nations during her time. It became even mightier when it successfully defeated its enemies in Second and Third Punic

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