How Did Carlos Villavicencio Change My Life

Carlos Villavicencio, also known as my Abuelo, lived through many living crises but was able to overcome them with his courageous acts. Growing up my Abuelo living finances were very poor. His relationship with his father was abusive and harsh but his mom was full of love and care, he describes her as an angel from god. An event he recalls well during his childhood was when him and his sister got ill, his mom dressed them up as San Martin De Porres. San Martin de Porres was a preacher that was able to cure illness with his prayers and spread the word to others that god was real. This was a live changing event in religion wise because since his sister and him recuperated, he had more faith than ever. He knows that god is always there for us …show more content…
The only thing that scares him about aging is leaving his family behind with pain. He is a tremendous help to all his kids. Whenever one of his kids need him he is always there to support them physically and financially. He never forgets to tell his family he loves them because he says that we never know when is the last day. Living a life full of love could change your life into a happy life because it would make you feel not alone. Family would always support you through good and bad times and I wouldn’t know that if it wasn 't for my grandpa. He built an amazing family that is filled with lots of love and compassion. Even though sometimes there are disagreements between each other, the fact that they would always be there for eachother won’t change. I would take his advice about family and love throughout my life journey because I know what having a caring family feels like and i would like to give that to my children. Death doesn’t scare my Abuelo, ghost do. He would prefer to live his life to the fullest instead of wasting time thinking about when is his last day going to be. For him living life to the fullest is not doing stupid things but instead spending time with his kids and grandchildren and seeing them

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