Enrique's Journey By Nazario

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The story of Enrique’s Journey, when Lourdes a single-mother who left Honduras and had two children that stayed on their homeland. The migrants which are the parents who need to leave to find jobs because of economic factor, as many parent sacrifices to go to America, Lourdes was one of the migrants and with their family they have to live in separate ways just to support their children and give their needs. Enrique go through circumstances when his mother left to go to U.S. Coming from broken family and only with a small enough money, an effect which Enrique were confused until that his mother been gone for so long his behavioral suddenly change. In the book, “Enrique’s Journey”, Sonia Nazario explains Enrique and his family life stories …show more content…
From Honduras, where Lourdes and Enrique lived, also her youngest child's name Belky. Lourdes can’t afford to buy toys, food, and school supplies when she only earns money from washing their neighbor's laundry and walking around to neighborhood selling junk foods. Many people are finding a way to survive in Honduras, therefore, many families think they could get a benefits in the United States. In addition, earning a little bit of money Lourdes can’t let her children experience the hardship of life and she decided to live in the United States. An effect of Lourdes leaving Honduras is being absent from her children’s life to Enrique and Belky, which they, “begin to idealize their mothers. They remember how their mothers fed and bathed them, how they walked them to kindergarten” (Nazario 7). Since, Lourdes left in Honduras that cause her children to keep trying to bear their memories they had but now she travelled to U.S. Based on the article called “Attachment Dynamics and Latin Cultures Areas of Convergence and Divergence” written by Peluso et., al “When the quality of the attachment relationship is poor, children are more susceptible to a variety of cognitive and affective disorders”. Considering, the parent shown their presence for children they’re more likely adapting towards their mother or father. For that reason, parent needed to have a good relationships with …show more content…
In his everyday life without Lourdes, the world kind of turn upside down for him. Usually, a mother would always there providing their children to guide them while growing up. Enrique lived with his grandmother and uncle Marco. He only could connect with his mother through phone. Despite living apart from Honduras to the United States that are thousand miles away, It’s fortunate his mother can work to the United States and provide them money. But since Enrique’s mother left, he always getting in trouble. The result, this type of behavior led to sniffing glue, using drugs, smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol (Nazario 198-199).
Enrique does not care if he’s not doing the right thing. Since, Lourdes left he became a rebel for not listening with his own mother. This outcome which a “Secure infants use their caregivers as a secure base for exploration, and actively seek contact or interaction with the caregiver upon reunion after a period of separation” (Metzger et, al., pg. 81). For long period of time Enrique was been separated, he was angry to Lourdes. Every phone conversations he kept telling his mother to just come home. When Lourdes avoid his question on why she does not want to go back home, Enrique become anxious.
One of the reason why Lourdes and Enrique are in bad term, It is because her son feels that she isn’t his mother. Lourdes having a difficult time find a job.

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