Analysis Of Carl Mendearis Speaking Of Jesus

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Chapter eleven of Speaking of Jesus, Carl Mendearis talks about people being confused about Jesus and how that is okay. He has Muslim friends who believe in Jesus but hate Christianity. He says “While Christians are the objects of “fear and trembling” to many Muslims, Jesus is not. “Jesus is the only sinless prophet of Islam.” Jesus calls us to do the impossible, to love our enemies and ray for those who persecute us. They may be Muslims, but they are right where Jesus wants them, they are lost but they are seeking after Him. He talks about the story of Jesus walking on the water, and Peter gets out but sinks. He sinks because he didn’t have faith. We tend to laugh at Peter but deep down we know that we would not even dare to try to walk on the water. Just because we know all about the Christian religion and go to services and worship Jesus does not mean we are following Jesus, it takes much more than that. People don’t like Christians because they think we are only against …show more content…
We push our religion on others instead of talking about Jesus, and that is why people are scared of Christians. Take the Muslims for example they have a good view on Jesus but hate Christians. So many people call themselves Christians but tend to only use that word as some sort of crutch, and fail to realize it is more than just a religion, but it is a true relationship. We are to treat others like Jesus treats them. We are to accept them where they are and point them towards God. Instead of pointing them to Christianity first, we should show them the true love of Christ. Medearis makes a good point about the gays, liberals, and Muslims. Yes they are living in sin, but so are we it just might not stand out as much. Like he says, Jesus would rather eat with the ones who are lost, than the ones who are close to him or think they have it all together, because they are the ones who need his love and

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