Carl Jung 's Life And Life Essay

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Carl Jung was born in July 26, 1875 in a town called Kesswill Switzerland. Carl lived a long full life and died at the age of 85 on June 6, 1961. He was often referred to by the name C.G Jung and was a psychotherapists and psychiatrist. Although Jung is world renowned for his work, many of his writing works were not published till after his death. His work has been influential not only in psychiatry, but also in philosophy, anthropology, archaeology, literature and religious studies [1].

Jung grew up in a small family with his mom dad and younger sister Emily. Growing up Jung struggled with a troubled family that had many problems. He had a strong bond with his father, because of the issues his family dealt with his mother. When Jung was 6 months old his mother his mother was an eccentric and depressed woman. It was noted she spend most of her time in the bedroom, where she said that spirits visited her at night [1]. She was hospitalized for months at a time to deal with an unknown ailment at the time.

Jung was known to be an introvert, and shy and quiet kid like his mother. He believed that like his mother he had two personalities [2]. He believed he had one personality of a modern Swiss kid, and also one of a more suited to the 18th century person. This is what help mold a lot of his work and studies is from personal experiences I believe.

Carl Jung is best known for his contemporary contributions to dream analysis and symbolization. His influence on poplar psychology,…

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