Career Goals Of Phil Green Iv : Playing Professional Basketball

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(750): The Career Goals of Phil Green IV: Playing Professional Basketball in the NBA

Career goals are an important way to discover the potential of an individual to achieve success in the profession of sports. I have chosen to pursue a professional basketball career in the national Basketball league due to the increasing success that I have had at the collegiate level. At St. John’s University, I have appeared regularly in 32 games during the freshman, sophomore, and junior years. In fact, I was a third team All-Met selection in my sophomore year, which defines the important role that I played for the team on a consistent player with an average of 30 minutes of playing time per game. These statistics are an important indicator that I have the potential to become a professional player at a higher level of performance. In my senior year at St. John’s University, I feel that I am capable of making the adjustment to the NBA due to these accomplishments, which define a continual work ethic and growth as a player with professional capabilities. These are important factors in my development that define the ultimate goal of playing on a professional team in the NBA or, if possible, to play overseas for a professional league in the international markets. These physical skill sets on the basketball court define the maturation of my development as a player over the years. more so, I have shown that I can perform at a high level of production at a college that has produced numerous…

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