Care Plan on Stroke Essay

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3000 word essay on patient with left sided stroke with one identified health need/problem: Dysphagia

Student Name: Dashante` Burgess
Green Cohort- Group 1
Module: NIP 1000
Word count: 3,010

A stroke is a life changing disease and sudden attack of weakness to one side of the body resulting from a interruption to the flow of blood going to the brain that can be a minor attack and resolved in a few days or major attack leaving the person with physical disabilities and cognitive deficit (McFerran 2008). Therefore, stroke can affect the quality of life of an individual from the lack of communication, mobility and independence and intern can cause one to become depressed. This essay is concerning the case of Mr. Alfred Smith who was
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The most commonly used framework derives from the Roper, Logan and Tierney (2000) model, and requires nurses to assess each patient in relation to 12 activities of daily living (ADL’s) and according to Roper et al. (2000), this model promotes individualized, systemic nursing. In the case of Mr. Smith he will assessed on eating and drinking and his level of dependence so that goals can be set to help to aid his independence or acceptance of dependence. A risk assessment will need to be carried out to assess the problem of dysphagia, which occurs in most patients who suffer stroke due to the weakening of the muscles in the osophagus. After now being in hospital for a few days the assessment of the patient is ongoing and he has been referred to the dietitian and SALT because he is at a nutritional risk. The SALT will assist with making an accurate diagnosis and may recommend oral muscular exercises and specific swallowing techniques (Morris 2006). During the assessment of eating and drinking information was gathered and it was determined that he was only able to swallow soft foods and thick liquids and the posture he is to be in while eating and drinking, preferably sitting upright in the bed or chair to prevent choking and aspirating. Information regarding the types of food he likes and dislikes and what type of diet he is on is also determined. Mr. smith was diagnosed by his GP with hypertension five years ago and was

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