Cardiovascular And Non Cardiovascular System Essay

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In the body, cells and organs usually receive the proper amount of blood and oxygen needed to keep the body running. However, when the cardiovascular system fails, the tissues and organs in the body don’t receive and adequate amount of blood and oxygen it needs, this is called shock. Shock is when blood circulation decreases and eventually stops. Shock can be cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular. There are three main cardiovascular causes of shock, which are; poor pump function, blood or fluid loss from blood vessels and poor vessel function. The body’s blood circulation is reliant on the continuous pumping of the heart muscle. However, when the pump fails, the heart doesn’t produce enough energy to circulate blood throughout the system, thus causing cardiogenic shock. Poor pump function can be caused from an injury, or damage done by a disease. Although, the heart can usually adapt to these damages, if too much damage occurs the heart will not function properly. If shock occurs from an injury, it is usually a result from fluid or blood loss. If there is a vast amount of blood or plasma loss, there would only be very little left in the vascular system, which wouldn’t be enough to supply blood and oxygen to the tissues and organs. Also, if there is poor vessel function you would need more blood because the normal volume of blood wouldn’t be sufficient enough to fill the system.
Non-cardiovascular shock is usually cause by three main things; respiratory insufficiency,…

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