Lab Report: The Organic Molecules

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Purpose The main purpose of this experiment to learn about the organic molecule of the substances that we use daily with the common foods. The organic molecule that we use for this lab are monosaccharides of sugar, protein, starch, lipids, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the organic compounds that are organized as the ring structures and always compose the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms that represent by the structure of H2O. The carbohydrates are important of the basic molecules that involved in the structural in the energy metabolism. It is also performing the important body functions such as regulation of blood glucose and providing of energy for the human body. They also spare the protein for energy
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Use the pipette to add 1.5 mL of the respective solutions to each test tubes were labeled. Then, add 2 mL of Benedict 's reagent to each large test tubes and the initial appearance of each solution in the test tubes will be recorded. Then we place each test tubes that add the Benedict 's solution into the hot boiling water and waiting for 5 minutes to get the results. After 5 minutes, take all the test tubes that have Benedict 's out of the hot boiling water and wait for a minute let them be cold. Then shake all the test tubes were cold to shake lightly so that the solution and the Benedict 's reagent will be mixed together. Finally, the final appearance of each test tubes was recorded be positive or negative for …show more content…
The potatoes are a diversity of nutrients that it defines them very clearly in carbohydrates. For instance, a medium-sized potato counts as a cup of starchy vegetables, although it also provides several vitamins and minerals. (Fantar et al. 2009) So the potato occupies 20 percent and it is very rich with the starch nutrients to have an orange or yellow color on it. On the other hand, the unions have nearly 70 percent of the water and they have a darker brown solution that makes more reducing sugars to the yellow-orange color of the potato juice. However, the carbohydrates of monosaccharides in the onion juice are primarily simple of the sugars as a small amount of fiber useful in cooking and

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