Essay about Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment
Katrina Maxwell
ITT Technical Institute

Capital punishment has been described as an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Society is saying it is alright to use violence against violence and to use capital punishment as a means for retribution. Then questions come to mind of whether all the violence is necessary and whether it has the end results one claims it to have. In the 1960’s the appellate courts started applying the Bill of Rights to capital cases (G.R) Prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment and the requirements for due process and equal protection of the law was hugely expanded upon and the public demanded for the end of capital punishment. Today society has had the different tune of vengeance and
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Whether the murderer thinks they may be able to do it without being caught and get away with it or they think they are justified in doing the crime. This brings us to the argument of the defense of those facing the death penalty. Studies in Houston have shown the comparison of those defended by appointed attorneys and those defended by hired attorneys revealed three findings (SP). Defendants who hired counsel for the entire case were never sentenced to death, defendants who hired counsel for a portion of the case was less likely to be sentenced to death, almost all of the capital murder defendants in this study were poor. The study was to show the deficiencies in the appointment method of counsel to those facing the death penalty. A study in Florida in the 1970’s drew the conclusion that those indigent represented by appointed counsel were more likely to be sentenced to death than those represented by hire counsel. Data has also revealed that defendants who hired legal counsel for the entire case were more likely acquitted. Many have opposed the fact of keeping someone, by our hard earned tax dollars in jail for life. The figure for the amount cost of imprisonment is misleading. The costs in running a prison are mainly fixed costs, which are not affected by the population number (P.W Keve). So, no matter if we add a prisoner the cost will always remain the same. But, the cost of executing is a whole new ball game. In court, the defense will be more

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