Essay on Capital Punishment Should Be Legal

995 Words Jul 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Capital Punishment is the legal killing of someone due to the fact that they were convicted of a serious crime. Many states in the United States have made capital punishment illegal, thirteen states still have capital punishment. In Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee if an inmate is on death row these states allow for electrocution. In Arizona and California inmates on death row will be sentenced to gas inhalation. In Delaware and Washington inmates are sentenced to a hanging if they are on death row. Utah is the only state the executes with a firing squad. I personally believe that capital punishment should be legal throughout all fifty states. I believe this because if someone did something that terrible (for example murder) they should not be able to sit in jail they should be put to death. I also believe that someone who murdered someone should not have the luxury to sit around in prison in air conditioning. Also if one is sent to death for the crimes he committed he would no longer be able to do them again. I think having the option for capital punishment could also set a families’ mind at ease if they lost someone they knew because of another person. Having the death penalty as an option rather letting the criminal sit in jail for life is a lot cheaper than housing them for life. If capital punishment became legal in all fifty states it would allow the possibility to keep prison population down. Also, I agree with capital…

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