Capital Punishment : Different Ways Essay

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Many people view capital punishment in different ways. In my research about capital punishment, I found multiple viewpoints. Using the sources I have found, I will explain why on paper capital punishment does not economically pay off in the end and how the alternative sentencing can be beneficial. I will also discuss two core responsibilities that relate to capital punishment; civic engagement and intercultural knowledge. I have strong feelings about capital punishment due to my mom working as a prison guard in an all male Medium Max security prison. I personally look at capital punishment as a form of punishment that protects other inmates, civilians, and guards from the people who cannot properly function in society. When I picked the topic about capital punishment I looked at it from my personal viewpoint. I grew up watching my mom go to work in a Medium Max level security prison, where she ran her own housing unit of 65 men to one guard. In her housing unit there were men who committed small level crimes such as: auto theft, burglary, insurance fraud, driving while under the influence, and drug related crimes. These men did not worry me, but the other convex that committed high-level crimes such as murder and sexual assault were the ones that made me worry about my mom when she was trying to do her job. When I was young I remember my dad taking photos of really big bruises on my moms legs, arms, face, and stomach. Later, I found out my mom was assaulted at…

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