Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty Essay

775 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Capital Punishment has been around for hundreds of years and was brought to America by the Europeans in the early 1600s; The first recorded death being back in 1608. Back in that time the Death Penalty was used in many cases from thievery to murder, making it the social norm during that time. Though in today’s society, capital punishment has been deemed by some as inhumane or morally wrong. In some ways it’s become a political issue in which a higher percentage of Republicans favor the death penalty more so than Democrats. A famous American philosopher, Jeffrey Reiman, has developed his opinion on the death Penalty as being acceptable based off the Retribution argument, yet it is morally permissible to be merciful in these cases. Reiman believes there is no real difference in deterrence between the death penalty and life in prison without the chance of parole, meaning either is acceptable and neither would turn away someone from committing the act of murder more than the other. He also believes life in prison is a necessary condition as an alternative punishment. So Capital punishment involves intense physiological pain for the offenders, knowing they will be put to death at a certain time and are being killed by other people in almost a torturous way. In todays society that is considered immoral and inhumane, considering there are other options less gruesome with the same effect. So Reiman states that since Life in prison is a more humane form of punishment that still…

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