Capital City Of New Zealand Essays

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Wellington city in New Zealand has recently expanded its point of interests and increased its tourism potential. Being the capital city of New Zealand it embraces not only urban tourism but other features that make it more distinct then other cities. Wellington utilises combinations of different tourist ideas to increase the interest shown in it by tourists. This is shown by the significant growth of tourist activity in Wellington over the past decade. The total amount of international visitors that landed in Wellington Airport rose from 179,310 in 2012 to 218,240 in 2016. As we look at different sources and information we can see that the 5 A concept (attractions, amenities, access, accommodation and awareness) is a large influence to how the city makes itself attractive as a tourism destination. I will be discussing how Wellington uses this concept to provide tourists with a positive and attractive tourist experience.

Attractions are something that motivates potential tourists to leave their place of origin and travel to a destination. They are basically a point of interest that tourists visit based on its value and benefits to the tourist, some examples of attractions are; Zoos, amusement parks, historical sites or structures, national parks etc.

Wellington offers a range of unique and suiting attractions, most of which accommodate to both domestic and international tourists. Te Papa Museum is easily the biggest tourist attraction in Wellington and caters for a range of…

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