Essay on Canada Is A Country Where Dreams Come True

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Canada is known as a country where dreams come true, it is a land of opportunity; this is a phrase I frequently heard while growing up in India, and thus, like any child would, I believed it to be the truth. Ever since I was a youngster, I had made my studies my number one priority because I thought this was the only way I would be able to fulfill my dream to study abroad, specifically Canada. Little did I know then that this fantasy of mine would actually turn into reality. On December 15th, by noon, the news was confirmed that I would be going to Canada on a study basis. I remember I was playing cricket in the local park when I received a phone call from my sister. She seemed fairly exhilarated and I just supposed it was because something happened in one of her teen dramas. After moments of continuous squealing and screaming, she finally delivered the news that I would be heading to Canada in about two weeks time. I was so overwhelmed that I was prancing around the entire village, exhibiting my eagerness. I remember thinking that all my hard work had, at long last, paid off, as now I was headed toward the mystical land of dreams, Canada!

I had packed all my belongings two weeks prior to my flight. I hoped my exhaustion swallowed me whole, so I could catch some rest, but I was proven wrong every night. My mind persistently awakened the excitement screaming within me and reminded me of the prosperous day that lied ahead in the coming two weeks.

After of what felt like an…

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