Canada in a Post 9/11 World Essay

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Canada in a Post 9/11 World

September 11th, 2001, the day that the biggest terrorist attacks in history took place, the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York City. Even though this act of terrorism took place in the United States, it still had a major effect on Canada and changed a lot about the country and formatted what Canada is today. I will speak of four ways in which 9/11 affected Canada: The accusation that some of the hijackers entered the U.S. through Canada, how 9/11 affected immigration to Canada for Muslims, the way Muslims live in Canada today, and the story of Maher Arar and its relation 9/11.

One of the biggest ways that 9/11 has affected Canada was through an accusation was brought up by a sitting
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The RCMP's annual budget has increased by close to $1 billion since 2001. The budget of Canada's domestic spy agency, CSIS, has almost doubled. What makes situations like this one difficult for both citizens and the government is that it’s hard to tell if all this extra money spent on fighting terrorism is being well spent. People can argue that this money has been well spent, because even though Al-Qaeda has named Canada a target on three separate occasions since 9/11, there have been no known attacks on Canadian soil. People can also argue that this is a waste of money, and that there is no threat present, since there haven’t been any attacks. An example of how all this extra spending has helped Canada is the capture of the “Toronto 18” in 2006, before they could act on their plans to pack three U-Haul vans with explosives and park them at three locations: the Toronto Stock Exchange; the Front St. offices of CSIS; and at a military base off Highway 401 between Toronto and Ottawa. The attack would cripple the downtown area of Toronto, with the goal of harming Canada’s economy and killing many people. One of the leaders of the Toronto 18 said that the attacks would make the 2005 bombings in London look “small”, and that it would "screw" with the prime minister, government and military so much that they would pull Canada's troops from Afghanistan.[7]

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