Can Paying Salaries For College Athletes? Essay

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ends up driving expenses up $35,000. In the end players will only make a few hundred more dollars compared to a scholarship. Essentially colleges will be dishing out millions of dollar just in taxes, not for the players. What’s clear is that paying salaries for college players is a taxing situation. Colleges will be out millions and athletes will not be seeing any huge gains economically. “When President Theodore Roosevelt helped create the NCAA in 1906, he had no idea what it would grow into.” (Hartnett par.15) “It is a great place to watch athletes play sports while making sure the rules were being followed.”(Barrett par.5) The NCAA has been the prominent leader dealing with organizing college athletics. They are a nonprofit organization created to help protect college athletes from the dangers involved in athletics. They deal with recruiting and funding of college sports. As mentioned earlier they are non-profit and raked in “$871.6 million in 2015”(Jackson par.5) The controversy of this is why are the top officials of the NCAA receiving million dollar salaries. Both sides can agree that this is absurd. The NCAA has a list of corruption charges due to top officials pocketing money that is not rightfully theirs. Yes, these people spoil the mission of the NCAA but it is important to understand what the NCAA does for college athletes. Without the NCAA…

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