Can Past Lovers Still Be Friends? Essays

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Can past Lovers still be Friends? Deborah Cox’s song, We Can’t be Friends featuring R.L. on the album, One Wish, was released September 1998 by Arista Records. Deborah Cox is a Canadian singer/songwriter who time and time again made her thoughts come alive through her music. The purpose of the video is to build an emotional rollercoaster of sadness and joy for the audience to keep the viewers interested. She makes the argument, that once you are emotionally involved with a person, there may not be a chance to have a platonic relationship afterwards. She appeals mainly to the viewer’s emotions, but also she illustrates with her actions the personal experience as the video unfolds, as well as the reasoning as to why she feels two lovers can not be friends. Deborah Cox uses visible emotion in the video to give the viewers the idea of how emotionally and mentally stressed one can become when battling what the heart may need but not want. The video begins with the singer, R.L. holding a ripped photo being held together by tape. A ripped photo usually signifies a split between a person and their significant other. The tape could possibly mean that person wants to reconcile. To set the tone of the music video, the background, colors and the dress code play a major role in getting the point across. R.L. is introduced with dark clothing in a dark gloomy room where the sun is hid behind tall dark curtains. When a person is surrounded by darkness or dressed in dark clothing, it can…

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