The Theme Of Friendship In Freak The Mighty By Rodman Philbrick

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In this novel, “Freak the Mighty” Rodman Philbrick uses the literary devices of characterization (what Max does), characterization (what Kevin does), symbolism to reveal the theme of the importance of friendship. One literary device Rodman Philbrick uses to reveal the theme of the importance of friendship is symbolism. In the story when Max and Kevin are watching the firework, and Kevin has his crutch because he can’t walk without it, Max observes “Freak is making a fuss because he can’t see. There are so many people crowded around, all he can are feet and knees, and people are lifting their little kids up to see the fireworks explode like hot pink flowers in the sky, and so I just sort of reach down without thinking and pick up Freak (Kevin) …show more content…
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This shows that Kevin gives Max a gift that is a part of himself. He gives him a dictionary that he writes all its vocabulary. Dictionary shows that Max is so important to Kevin. Dictionary is a way for them to become more friend. Another literary device Rodman Philbrick use to reveal the theme of the importance of friendship is characterization (what Max does). In the story Freak is trying to get his bird from the tree, and Max helps him. What I do, I keep out of range of that crutch and just reach up and pick the paper thing right out of the tree. Except it’s not a paper thing. It’s a plastic bird, light as a feather. I have to hold it real careful or it might break, that’s how flimsy it is. I go, ‘You want this back or what?’ The little freak is staring at me bug-eyed, and he goes, “Oh, it talks.” I give him the bird-thing. “What is it, like a model airplane or something?” You can tell he’s real happy to have the bird thing back, and his face isn’t quite so fierce (12,
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The crutch caused Max to become Kevin’s leg. Max saves Kevin’s life by calling the nurse when he chokes, and Kevin saves Max’s life when Max’s dad kidnaps him. They both give gifts to each other that represents their friendship. It is hard to chose or have a friend that they will be able to put their life in danger to save your

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