My Dog Ate Too Many Bananas Essay

My Dog Ate Too Many Bananas! What to Do?
Your dog might be sensitive to bananas so before giving them banana treats, consult the vet first. Other dogs just don’t like banana and that is normal. Introduce them bit by bit and incorporate small servings in their diet. Look for changes in their weight or if your dog acquires sensitive stomach when you started giving him bananas.
If for some reasons, your dog has eaten significant amount of bananas, closely monitor his condition. Look for signs of constipation, diarrhea or allergic reactions if there are any. You should also keep your veterinarian updated with your dog’s situation. Better pay a visit if possible. Don’t worry as eating too much banana in a day won’t really cause him to become ill instantly.
It is safer if you will not make bananas part of your dog’s regular diet. Again, this should be only given as occasional treats so keep those bananas out of your dog’s reach! Or when
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1. Can dogs eat bananas? Are bananas safe for dogs?
YES. In general, bananas are safe for dog consumption. They can eat bananas moderately or as a dog treat. Bananas are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients and your dog can gain various health benefits by eating them.
Whilst it is safe to feed them bananas, do not make it part of their daily diet or serve it as a replacement to their current dog food. Your dog still need meat-based food products.

2. How much banana can a dog eat?
Large and medium sized dog breeds could be given half a banana for a couple of times a week. Smaller breed should be only given few, small and slices of banana also a few time a week. These are the safest guidelines you could follow. It is up to you to increase and reduce the serving as needed. Homemade banana biscuits or cookies must be given only as a treat.

3. Can dogs eat banana

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