Campus Carry Case Study

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Campus Carry Facts Campus carry, also known as S.B.11, may seem like a peculiar thing to need while on campus because colleges are supposed to be safe environments for students to receive knowledge for their future careers, but may be necessary. The new S.B.11 allows licensed gun owners to bring their weapons on campus and have the guns with them. Although being armed is allowed in certain areas they are not allowed everywhere on campus according to the campus carry policies.
The purpose of the campus carry policy is to show what is allowed and what is not to keep the campus a safe place for students. On August 1st the Senate Bill 11, or S.B.11, allowed handguns on Texas campuses. Because handguns are now allowed, the campus is giving policies
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There is a possibility the owner may become intoxicated and a person under the influence of alcohol who has a weapon is very dangerous he or she may hurt others. Another outcome may be another person who has been drinking may grab the weapon and risk others’ lives. Also if the campus chooses to hold an open meeting for a governmental entity, handguns are not allowed. Faculty are assigned their own personal work spaces therefore; not public, so he or she decide whether or not they want to allow handguns in their offices. If they decide that hand guns are not allowed they must verbally let visitors know before they try to enter their work places. Any location that the federal or state law say weapons are not allowed then weapons are excluded from the premises. Both staff and students are not allowed to carry polling sections because federal law says so and guns are also not allowed in the John Peace Library Dining Services because minors go to visit the campus on tours. Bringing guns to a place where they are minors frequently is and dangerous and putting their lives in danger. Campus tours that have minors present are exclusion zones. The Texas Penal Code does not allow weapons in pre-K through 12 schools and in buildings where school activities are being held. Because of the people and high school students who visit the library regularly, there is too much of a risk to allow weapons in the campus’s library. Student Health Services and Counseling Services Offices in the Recreation Center provide patients with care for health services for all students. The Texas Penal Code says weapons are not allowed in the buildings of hospitals licensed under Chapter 241 of the Texas Health and Safety Code and the health services are being given to individuals who may be overwhelmed,

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