Cameron 's Life And Life Essay

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Cameron is two years old. He was born on August 22, 2014, about a week early due to pre-eclampsia. Cameron has no other siblings and he has a pet dog Ginger. Both his parents live at home and work full time. If both parents are unavailable to watch Cameron he is cared for by either his paternal or his maternal grandparents or his many aunts and uncles. Cameron is normal height and weight and is growing at a normal rate.
When I got to the house to watch Cameron he greeted me by swinging open the door and calling my name. He led me to the living room, grabbed his drumstick and began to drum on everything. He then began to suck on the drumstick. Cameron began playing with a piece of paper on the floor then proceeded to hit me in the face with it. His mom yelled at him and he was put into time out. He was told he was not allowed out of time out till he said sorry however he wouldn 't for a few min. He finally did and then he came back over to play.
He found a ball on the floor and tried to play catch. He threw the ball to me but completely missed. I went and chased after the ball he threw and gave it back to him. He threw it again but this time purposefully away from me, as if playing fetch. His mom then tried to play catch with him. His clothes fell off the couch onto the floor, immediately he picked them up off the floor. His mom tried to get him to catch the ball but instead he grabbed the clothes off the couch and threw them to her. He then went and put his R2D2 toy into…

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