Calorie Disclosure On Restaurant Menus Essay

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Why Restaurants Don 't Bother to Show Calories in Their Meals

Calorie Disclosure On Restaurant Menus – Does It Matter?
It 's natural for a calorie count to be on a bag of frozen vegetables or on an energy drink can, but who cares about calorie disclosure on restaurant menus? Does it matter to those who just want to enjoy a satisfying and delicious meal? Some believe not. It could be one reason why restaurants don 't bother to show calories in their meals.

Studies Show Little Impact
The Subway restaurant chain is notorious for its claim to provide low calorie meals. The ads made Jarred a weight loss icon, in fact. But the truth is, Jarred intentionally sought to lose weight. Typically, if we are not on a diet, we don 't ask questions about calories. Our eating habits rarely change when we go out to eat. At least, that 's what the Health Affairs journal reports as a result of a recent published study.

Most of the time, we order the same meal when we go to a particular establishment and don 't think about carbs, cholesterol or calories. In reality, the folks who look at meal content and calorie count, don 't need to. They are often the “skinny” people who don 't gain a pound.

Things that taste good are usually jammed packed with fat, unless you are eating off the low-calorie menu. And because you eat off the low-calorie menu, you could be faced with the choice of having one large meal or two different meals altogether. I mean, let 's face it... a meal…

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