Food Labeling Research Paper

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Oh my goodness! Do you know the average of calories you eat? It is very important for people to know what they are consuming. Today people are discussing the fact wither to place labels on meals or not place labels. Labels should be place on meals because everyone should be able to know how much calories are being consumed.

Knowing what is fixing to be going down your throat to your stomach helps a lot. People in America are well known for their obesity people. According to one of the arguments, "Americans consumed 18% of their calories away from home." Just like an other product at home has labels, so should any menu at a restaurant have it. Labels have important information about the different calories inside the food. "Over the last 25 years, the packing of food to be consumed in the home has included nutritional information." This information is given thanks to labels.
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Than a person who does not eat healthy. They judge their body every day. The try really herd to lose weight, but they can not because labels are not being put on foods. "Labeling meals in restaurants is one sure way of helping people take charge of their well-being," according to the author labels are informational because the tell each little thing that is in products.

"It's the law to include this information on all packaging, regardless of whether the food is healthful or not. So it makes no sense to deny the consumer the same information when dining out," was stated in the passage. Labeling stuff is a good beneficial, but it also has bad beneficial. Restaurants might go out of buisness, but the might gain more people due to the fact they used labels. Labels are a way to improve humans healthy, so let them put

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