Obese Children

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The government spends billions of dollars into medical research to help obese children. The author, David Zinczenko wrote “Don't Blame the Eater” published in 2013 by New York Times, argues about the majority of children in the United States are obese due to fast food services and some other reasons such as parents working full time job which leads children unattended and often leading to lower self-esteem, depression and much more. Zinczenko begins to give some statistics about the high percentage of children being obese due to fast food chains. Zinczenko clearly comprehends that obese children rate is alarming and that government should propose multiple ways to fight these fast growing issues in the United States.
In his article, Zinczenko
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Also the government should create new statements on how the food industry should be handled with more attention to prevent further issues. Moreover, Zinczenko talks about the government issuing funds that are only used in research purposes to help reduce obesity, but Zinczenko argues that the government should evenly distribute funds to build new organizations particularly fight obesity and control any problems related to children's health issues. Laws should be strictly followed by the restaurant chains and food industries in order to obtain a certain permission to sell their products. Labels should contain specific information that the consumer can read and understands without misleading any other content about the product that is being …show more content…
This circumstances appear to be fast food restaurants are not following proper ways to provide information in their products that are being sold to the consumers. Parents working full time jobs or being a single parents which leads to depression and consequently to obesity. The author provides strong evidence that obesity is a major issue in the United States. Also, Zinczenko shows a strong emotional appeal towards the audience because he also experienced that same problem when he was younger. Moreover, Zinczenko writing style stimulates and gives a proper example of how fast food companies should set aside their greed to help children with health problem and create a brighter future for these children
In conclusion, Zinczenko illustrates his early childhood that companies will most likely hide their intentions to keep their consumers buying their products. Fast food restaurant will do the impossible to protect themselves by providing labels to keep people's minds out of what is really happening in the industries and how their food is handled. Therefore the authors explains that people have to take care of this actions by organizing groups that can help change the way fast food is made now

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