CCC Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… With their planned expansion into the Arizona market, they expect to add 130 employees. Their projected annual revenue is 10 million, with a -3% growth predicted for 2016. They currently have a 20% turnover rate that they foresee will remain unchanged in the next year when they move into Arizona. Recruitment and selection will need to be aligned with the company‚Äôs organizational goals. Carefully planned goals provide a blueprint for an organization and keep it going the right direction. Griffin (2015) states that organizational goals assist organizations with evaluating and organizing performance. The functions they serve are: 1) give direction and guidance 2) facilitate planning 3) motivate staff 4) assist organizations with evaluating and organizing performance. CCC should choose individuals who share the similar values and beliefs to help them achieve their organizational goals. Values are qualities and traits that an individual holds close and represents that person's driving force (Heathfield, 2015). Develop a mission statement of what Clapton Commercial Construction does and why it exists. Each employee should be able to address the mission statement verbally. The commitment to quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and on-time …show more content…
There is much to consider and a lot to accomplish before your arrival. Your future success is heavily dependent on the steps we have discussed here. Take all necessary steps to hire the right candidates that are aligned with your values, organizational goals and mission. Ensure that you are doing everything possible to be a diverse organization, this will encourage success in your expansion and make your company more marketable. Atwood and Allen Consulting wishes you success as you move forward with your endeavors. It has been a pleasure working with

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