Buying Online Versus Going At A Store Essay

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Countless Americans do numerous things today to save time. For example, shopping online versus going to a store to shop. In today 's society, everyone wants to do things fast and for the most inexpensive cost. So the analysis I had conducted was to determine if the woman in fact actually spend more time in shopping stores rather than a male. This topic is something that is interesting to study due to how many people actually spend so long in a single store without even realizing it. Also, I am a “time hack” junky. Throughout the course of my six years in the Army, being on time or doing things to save time is something I have adopted and mastered over the years. When I go shopping, regardless if it is for clothes, groceries, or even for household items, I develop a list of everything I need. This way I am not wondering around the store like a chicken with its head cut off trying to determine everything I came to the store for in the first place. This is why I wanted to do a study like this.
For this project, the dependent variable would be time. It would be recorded via each gender that had arrived to the store and departed the store. The way the time was calculated was just by minutes. The caveat to this was if any individual person spent more than 15 minutes within the store they would receive a “max out” which stopped them from being a part of the observation. The independent variable would be the gender, male or female. This is the independent variable because it can…

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