Buying A Computer For Personal Use Essay

845 Words Oct 7th, 2014 4 Pages
Buying a computer for personal use has always been somewhat of a daunting task even for those of us that are more technically savvy. Many laptop manufacturers exist and while they mostly all use Microsoft Windows as their operating system they almost all use different materials, and laptop components as well as different standards of build quality and customer service. Apple Computers takes the guesswork out of choosing a laptop. Apple offers a laptop, The MacBook Pro, that is made of high quality materials and a hassle free operating system to deliver a product that is better built, easier to use, and more reliable than windows laptops (Pc). Setting up your new Pc for the first time can be very frustrating and confusing. Apple`s OSX operating system takes you by the hand and walks you through the process step by step from selecting the country that you live in to connecting to a wireless network and setting up other services such as find my mac. The setup process will also help you transfer data from another computer be it Mac or PC, to your newly purchased Mac. Installing applications is very easy to do with the App Store. Users can navigate the App Store by category or simply use the search function to find what they are looking for. The App store will also you know when there are updates for all of your applications as well as the Mac Operating System (OSX) itself. Owning a MacBook Pro because its easy to use is just the tip of the iceberg. When…

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