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BUSN 460 Entire Course
For more classes visit BUSN460 Senior Project - All 7 Weeks Discussions BUSN 460 Week 1 Team Contract

BUSN 460 Week 2 Issues Report

BUSN 460 Week 3 Individual Cango Financial Report

BUSN460 Week 4 Analysis Report

BUSN460 Weeks 5-6 CanGo Weekly Issue Analysis

BUSN 460 Final Team Report and Presentation

BUSN 460 Final Team Report and Presentation
For more classes visit BUSN 460 Final Team Senior project Week 7 FINAL PRESENTATION (Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and Web conferencing)

Each consulting team will submit to the CanGo management team a definitive presentation addressing
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Therefore, you must have a microphone installed and working before the scheduled start time to join in the delivery of the presentation. (Testing of microphone and speakers must be completed before the end of Week 6). Microphones are usually around $8-$10, and are available at Radio Shack, Best Buy, Circuit City,
Wal-Mart, etc.

You must participate in a practice session in order to test your microphone at some point between Weeks 2 and 6.

Please enter the iConnect session atleast 10 minutes prior to the start of your final session!

Each team will have 15 minutes to present the team's Report.

When your presentation is concluded, other students and the instructor will ask questions about your challenges and conclusions (you may defer a specific question to a teammate who covered that particular element).

Due to the time constraints, the maximum number of slides is 15.

Format: Font type – whatever you believe will produce the best results for CanGo.

Font size: Legible to an audience using a projector.

Text: Short bullet points are best (see example in Document

The Final Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation) must be posted by the Week 7 Team Leader in Document Sharing > Final Reports and Presentations at least 12 hours prior to the schedule iConnect Final Presentation time. Do not use the Drop box for submitting these files.

Week 8 FINAL REPORT (Using

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