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William Blevins
American Intercontinental University
Unit 1 Individual Project
BUSN 300 – Lower Division Capstone

Global Warming Outline 1. What is the theory of global warming? 2. Theory of man-made global warming is credible a. Evidence b. Causes c. Effects of global warming 3. Theory of man-made global warming is not credible

Global Warming
Global warming is a hotly debated theory that states that there is an increase in the earth's average atmospheric temperature (Global Warming). The tedious bickering over if global warming is occurring has stopped with science showing that average temperatures have risen. The argument has now shifted to whether humans are contributing to the
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In fact, a study of more recent solar activity has shown that since approximately 1985 changes in the sun should have cooled the planet off. As a result, many scientists have deduced that the sun is not causing global warming (How We Know).
Approximately 30% of the sun's energy that reaches the Earth is reflected back into space. Changes in how much sunlight is absorbed, and how much is reflected, can affect global temperatures. Using satellite and land-based observations and computer models, scientists have calculated how Earth's reflectivity has changed over time (How We Know). The studies show that much of human involvement has helped to cool the planet. For example, deforestation has created a brighter and more reflective planet and would have a cooling effect on Earth. Changes in the frequency of volcanic eruptions, which can send reflective particles up into the stratosphere, also cannot explain the observed warming trend. So reflectivity is not causing global warming (How We Know).
The greenhouse effect is the only remaining scientific explanation for the recent rise in global temperatures. Scientists have direct measurements of carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere that they have collected for more than 50 years. Scientists also have indirect measurements (from ice cores, tree rings, and coral reef) dating back hundreds of thousands of years. These measurements, to the proponents of man-made

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