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Strategy Recommendation:
Miami Children’s Hospital Web Use
Lindsay Peek
Capella University

The Internet is a tool that over the years has became an asset for business and the common population. As the years have progressed people have become dependent on the Internet, we see that with the addiction to phones and social media. Businesses are noticing this and using this to their advantage. We see this in the rise in online shopping for many stores and also with the use of social media for local business. Local businesses are able to expand their client base with just a simple “like” from a consumer and “sharing “ of a page to other friends. In order for businesses to keep up with the ever-changing need of Internet they
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Although Miami Children’s Hospital is specialized in that they only treat children there is a very well known children’s hospital near by. This is the competition and the goal of the company is become a well-known name for child healthcare, and to be available for families to come to. This is why they have expanded their facilities into three different counties.
Company’s Current Use of the Web
The web has been a large part in the expansion of the hospital. The different centers need to all be connected in order to share patient files and information. This is vital in patient satisfaction and smoother transition for all involved. Miami Children’s is working towards using the web more efficiently not in their facilities, but also for their patient’s use. They have introduced online patients records, even though this is very common for most hospitals this has been a new start for Miami Children’s Hospital, another way that the hospital uses the web in a cutting edge way is that you can now be consulted by a doctor online before going to a facility for treatment.
The new cutting edge technology being used is called Telehealth. The goal of the launch of Telehealth is that parents can call into a center, via their smartphones or iPads and speak directly to a doctor. The doctor will be able to see the patient via video chat and let the parent know if they

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