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2.3. Assess the significance of stakeholder analysis when formulating new strategy
2.3.1. Stakeholder significance grid
Internal stakeholder: Manager, Employee
“The Volkswagen Group, with its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and the largest carmaker in Europe. The Group operates in more than 62 production plants in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Around the world, more than 400,000 employees produce about 30,000 vehicles that are sold in 153 countries. We also believe that the powerful principles of diversity and inclusion help us create an environment where each person feels respected and appreciated. This enables us to develop a workplace where employees can
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Communities and governments are closely tied external stakeholders. Companies operate within communities, and their activities affect more than just customers. Businesses pay taxes, but they are also informally expected by residents to operate ethically and with environmental responsibility.
2.3.2. Stakeholder mapping Type | Stakeholder | Stakeholders mapping | | | Key players | Keep satisfied | Keep informed | Internal Stakeholder | Manager | * | | | | Employee | | * | | Connected Stakeholder | Shareholder | * | | | | Customer | | * | | | Supplier | | | * | External Stakeholder | Central government | | | * | | Local authorities | | | * |

* Manager: belongs to Key player of Volkswagen because they have high power and high interest, managers make important decisions in company. They control company and create plans or strategies for future and compete with competitors in market. The success of company depends on right and suitable decisions of manager and ensure the business is able to exploit any opportunities open to it. At the same time, good managers protect the business by anticipating and acting against any threats to its welfare. * Employee: belongs to Keep satisfied because they have low power in company but company also care about them. Without employees, Volkswagen cannot work because they are create and check, install equipment of

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