Business Reengineering Process vs. Continuous Process Improvement

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INTRODUCTION The concept of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is to rethink and breakdown existing business process. This allows a company to reduce cost and improve productivity through newer, more efficient process. It is important to remember however, though there are instances where these is necessary, BPR is not without its disadvantage. This makes it vital to weight your decision carefully. One of the most obvious adverse effects of a company’s decision to reengineer is lowered employee morale. Most people are vary of changes and do not manage to adapt to it easily. These aspect need to keep in mind when trying to make decision to go through with the activity.

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People, process and technology are integrated at this point. Under this stage, the process are actually being develop and being tested. For example, before the product is launch a prototype is tested out if the result is positive the company should launch the product. However, if the result is negative the company shouldn’t launch the product and take a corrective action to ratify the problem of the product.
After the process being develop, the user should be provided with a working system that will describe how user will use the new process. After the process is completed and being implement for certain period of time a post implementation review is perform in order to evaluate the new system whether it meet the goal set for it.

ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGE OF BPR It is important to acknowledge and understand that BPR is not a foolproof method of success. As with all activities it runs the risk of failure. There are several advantages of BPR that are customer needs are made the priority and this vision is use to appropriately direct business practices. Besides that, there a cost advantages to be achieve that help the organizations become more competitive in its industries. A strategic view of all operational process is taken with relevant question being ask about the establish way of work and how it can be developed over the long term into more

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