Business Proposal Essay

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How to write business proposals that persuade clients and win contracts
Your Proposal Must Persuade
Business proposals are written for one reason - to win business. You win business when your proposals persuade clients that your solutions are better than your competitors. So, as you start to write your proposal, bear in mind that your main objective is to persuade the reader to buy your service.
Persuasion takes four steps
Your proposal will persuade the reader if you do four things:
1. Understand the client's need
You get the reader's attention by stating a specific need or problem they have and explain how you can solve this. Every client-centred proposals show that you understand their need. Show clients that you recognize
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6. What results are likely to follow each of your recommendations?
Make an educated guess. Will they lead to the client's most important goal? Will they provide competitive leverage? What will they cost? How long will they take? 7. What should you recommend?
Choose the course of action from the client's point of view. Avoid the solution that simply offers the largest profit margin. Write your proposals for the long term. Proposals Must Sell a Solution
Thirteen questions to establish that your solution is NOT a product
Focussing on the client's need instead of your abilities and experience demonstrates that you are trying to sell a solution, not a product. Keeping the client at the centre is the essence of a consultative proposal. As you start putting together a proposal, especially an unsolicited one, consider the following.
1. What do you need to establish about your company before the client will trust you?
2. What are your key recommendations? What is the strategy?
3. What are the opportunities for improving the client's productivity and profitability presenting in this proposal?
4. To what line of reasoning is this proposal an apparent conclusion?
5. Will the client understand all the proposal terminology?
6. How do you distinguish your proposal from your competitors, without running down your competitors by name? Avoid this at all costs; it

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