Reflection Of Grant Writing

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Reflective Report

This grant writing class has been intense, but I have learned a lot through the process. My favorite part of this class was reviewing the other proposals and reflecting on how each group completed the sections. The first thing I noticed while reading others proposal was how important it is to establish a buy-in for the reader. The proposals that didn’t have a buy-in I wasn’t interested in reading. During the review process when I did read a proposal with a good buy-in I automatically felt intrigued to read it because I wanted to know what the outcome would be in providing the grant money. I also noticed how different writing styles impacted my desire and interest in reading the proposal. For example, in one proposal the
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This made working on each section more manageable and less overwhelming. The examples in the book were also useful and provided insight to the information that was needed. I think I was most surprised at how difficult it is to write a decent proposal. I definitely have a lot of respect for people who write grant proposals, because it is not easy! I know I definitely need further training in formulating an accurate budget and establishing a decent evaluation plan. I thought for this assignment it was difficult to discuss the agency capacity because we didn’t know much about the agency and since we were connected to the SCUSD it was confusing on which capacity to write about in the …show more content…
We created a Google doc for each assignment and communicated online when we were unable to meet in person. I wrote the literature review, agency capacity, and project management section, created the organizational chart, references and Yessica and I wrote the abstract section together. However, I helped write the specific aims, target population and approach and methods, budget justification and establishing the program evaluation plan. Even though it was at times difficult to meet, we all made an effort to meet several times in person to complete the different sections. It was helpful that we all met the weekend before it was due and read over each section as a group and made the corrections. My son even came to several group sessions and is now educated on grant writing! It is hard to specifically state what each person did because we all worked as a team! I am grateful that we had a great group that worked well together because I could see how this process would be a nightmare if you were unable to count on the other group

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