Marine Climate Change Essay

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cThe discovery of fossil fuels is the most significant economic and environmental factor in history. Coal, Petroleum and other natural resources are single largest source of revenue in the United States. The United States is one of the leading countries in Carbon emission, next to China at 24% of the worlds emissions. Although there are many natural gases are released naturally (such as methane and nitrous oxide) which contribute to the greenhouse gas effect; the effects are very miniscule. There are two primary views on the gradual rise in temperature in the mid-atlantic region: In one hand, a group of scientists believe that the gradual rise in the temperature is natural and that nothing we can do can stop it. On the other hand, scientist …show more content…
My question is “ Does climate change affect tropical storms in the Atlantic”? My questions covers the scientific analysis of the current conditions of the atlantic climate and the tropical storm conditions that are slowly changing. There are many different conflicting views on the topic. Some say that it is inevitable and others say that we must make a change to restore sea temperature. After all the research i conducted i firmly believe that we must make a change because we are the reason for the rising sea temperature . The rising sea temperature is the reason for the more dangerous and greater number of tropical storms. The first written version of the draft was purely just content and only related to the theme of the research paper. However afterwards when our capstone teacher provided us with the rubrics we were able to apply them to our paper to the AP capstone standards. The initial things that I did at first to my individual paper is the lenses. With the application of the lenses i was able to condense more information into my paper in less content. The writing of the individual paper was very smart because it allowed us to carry the information onto our group papers. Since all group members already had the info, it was very simple to actually produce the paper. The members of my group Kamil Pisula Emily Ng Winnie Lee and Parsha Kahn always had their content on google drive and allowed us to easily transfer our group paper over the internet very quickly. They all had segments that was related to the warming climate and global warming. With the similar topics we were all able to intertwine the information and the group paper was much more efficient in terms of information. They were able to supply me with the information I needed. At first there was no rubric for the group paper so the information on the group paper was purely based on the themes

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