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1.1 Name or Title of Business : Lucero Trader
1.2 Owner : Ruby Jane M. Lucero
1.3 Location ( Address) : New Argao, Malita, Davao del Sur
1.4 Contact Number : 09308826786 2. BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE The proposed business will be a buying station of baker ( fresh coconut) located at New Argao, Malita Davao del Sur. The trader of this proposal will buy baker from the farmers in the area in large and small volume. The bakers will be delivered to contact buyers such as Franklin Baker of Sta. Cruz and other prospect buyers with a buying contract with them. The Five
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The business will only claim the southern part of the town. Therefore, the competitors in the town proper will not be a dilemma of the business.
d. Demand and Supply Analysis (Buyers and Supply).
The low land and Upper land of Malita which consist of 30 barangays. The main source of livelihood of the farmers are from coconut trees in terms of copra and baker. The Southern part of the Municipality has 7 barangays. The absence of direct competitors in the southern part prevails the Gap between the buyer and supply. Therefore, the business is significantly viable. e. Marketing Arrangement
The trader will contact the farmers of southern part that Lucero Trader is existing. Farmers will be informed that the business will offer them the reasonable price as the same as in the town proper. Farmers will be benefited the reduction of transportation expenses during the marketing of their product.
The trader will deliver the purchased baker to Franklin Baker and other prospect buyer. The .50/kl will be the cost of transportation and the trader will contact the Franklin Baker for the Transportation. Delivery of the purchased baker will be after every seven days of the previous delivery.
The trader will assure that their will be a constant communication between them and contact buyers to monitor the movements or the up and down of the prevailing price to ensure the security of the

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