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Company profile

Company name: Sara Lee Corporation

Company Address: 3500 Lacey Road

Downers Grove, IL 60515

United States

Phone: 630-598-6000

Fax: 630-598-8482


CEO/President: Brenda Barnes

Founding Year: 1939

Product line Breath: Sara Lee Corporation’s product line mainly consists of food, beverage and household products.

▪ Food & beverage (SLFB) division include Ball Park franks, Dean Sausage, Hillshire Farm deli meats, Sara Lee Breads & bakery products, Sara Lee frozen desserts and Senseo single serving coffeemakers and coffee pods. ▪ Household & body
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|Generate sufficient cash flows through retrenchment strategy to | |
|pay the company’s total debt. | |
|Return significant value to shareholders by delivering a healthy | |
|$370 million dividend payout. | |

SWOC Analysis

Strengths: The Sara Lee Corporation has spread its fare far and wide. It has operations in numerous countries, and it markets its products in nearly 200 nations on every corner of the globe. Its foreign sales account for about 42 percent of its annual revenue. It offers a broad line of consumer goods, whose leading brands include Superior coffee, Hanes, Playtex, Wonder bra, Champion, Kiwi shoe polish and Ambi Pur air freshening products. They have built their brands through imposing their strong identity on their series of different products. The organization is not afraid to take risks in order to improve its position in the market, evidenced by the retrenchment strategy that Brenda Barnes carried out.

Weaknesses: Having a

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