Essay on Business Process Reengineering At Honeywell Inc.

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Case Study on Business Process Reengineering at Honeywell Inc.

Honeywell Inc. is a fortune 100 company that is exceptionally successful, inventing and manufacturing technologies designed to address modern day issues. Honeywell provides products ranging from aerospace systems to engineering services as well as a variety of other commercial and consumer products. However, every business needs to know how their company is functioning and where they can improve in order to maintain their success; to improve an entire system, businesses will undergo an operation known as business process reengineering, in which the whole business is analyzed and the workflow within and between enterprises including both person-to-person work flow and system-to system communications is redesigned. Honeywell has done just that-- the company has executed multiple changes and programs in its continuous business process reengineering plans. Honeywell has adapted a three year world class manufacturing (WCM) program to examine lagging performance, analyze the results, set goals for improvement, and execute these possible solutions. The fortune 100 company has set long term strategic plans that have been communicated through each level of the business decision making process (operational, managerial, and strategic) to ensure that each level is taking care of their responsibilities to reach these goals through teamwork. Honeywell’s three main priorities in order to reengineer their company are as…

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